Day 100

April 14, 2009

Well day 100 of my project 365 passed unnoticed. My photo was disappointingly uncreative. Basically my excuse is that I lost track of what day I was up to. Now I have set myself a goal that my next 100 photos will be better than the last 100 but looking at my track record with goal completion, it’s not looking so good. Please leave comments full of encouragement, maybe with some help I can get better at this whole photography thing.


Help me!

April 8, 2009

I know I only just posted saying that I’m not going to blog anymore. But this afternoon it was raining so I have been forced to stay indoors for a while and I found myself playing around on Flickr. Now because I don’t get very many comments on my photos, due to my lack of friends, and the fact that the comments I do get have been positive, I thought that some of my photography was passable. Of course I know that most of my shots are crappy, I don’t have time for a photo, indoor shots but I thought that when I tried I could pull off some okay shots. Well to be honest I thought I was a pretty good amateur and you have to consider the fact that i use a point and shoot, no fancy digital slr camera here!

Anyway if your still reading afeter all my incomprehensible rambling, I discovered that I am a crap photographer. I decided to put some of the photos I was most proud of into a rate me group on flickr. And this is where I found out the truth. But sadly many of the comments although confidence crushing were not very detailed and didn’t offer advice on how to improve. Although one did, suggesting that my background was too distracting, which I can totally understand, as I thought so too.

So this post is to tell you I need your help. Please comment on my photos, whether it be a good or bad comment. I need to know how to improve. I have only been taking photos for 100 days so please help me out. I feel I have not improved since I started this adventure. I really wanted to do project 365 to improve my skills but now it seems pointless because I am not learning from my mistakes. Simply because I don’t know what they are.

Thank you for listening to my rant.


April 8, 2009

Just to let anyone that still might be reading this know…..

I am still continuing with project 365 and uploading these photos to Flickr although i have not been blogging. I have been discouraged from blogging as no one is reading my stuff, so it seems a waste of time. Although if there is anyone out there that is reading, please say and I will start blogging again. It is coming up to my 100th day of project 365, perhaps I will blog on this momentus day.

Shoes – Day 48

February 18, 2009

Shoes – Day 48

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Yesterday I went to the Uni gym, which if you know me is a bit odd. But I had fun, although the walk there and back was a bit longer than I had hoped, it was a workout of its own. I took this photo last night because i thought it best repesented my day. It is taken in Easy Auto Mode on my Nikon L16 camera and it is edited with picnik.

Apricots – Day 47

February 16, 2009

Apricots – Day 47

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Today i went to the supermarket, which is about all I did for the whole day so I took this photo to represent my day. They are apricots, taken in close up mode with my Nikon L16 camera with a flash. This is my photo for day 47 of 365.

Rose – Day 46

February 15, 2009

Rose – Day 46

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Today was the Lions in the park event at the Dunedin Botanic Gardens. So I went down there and ended up in the rose garden and taking many photos. So my photo for today is another rose, this time yellow. It is taken in close up mode on my Nikon L16 camera.

Rose – Day 44

February 13, 2009

Rose – Day 44

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I went on a walk through the Dunedin Botanic Gardens today. I took quite a few photos and this is one the best that I have chosen for my project 365. I like roses because of their spiraling petals and they always seem to look good in photos. This is my photo for day 44 it is taken in close up mode with my Nikon L16 camera with no flash.